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Công ty Cổ Phần Cẩm Hà


Cam Ha joint stock company formerly Wood Factory Cam Ha was officially established in Upper week in October 1982 by Decision No.: 967/TCCB of the Ministry of Forestry and the Union under the processing and supply Forest Products II. The precursor of the B Factory is the Forestry Commission under the V in the first release and after the liberation of the South moved to the military takeover in disguise Hoi wood processing plant located directly under the Forest and Da Nang Depot .

In 1990, the Ministry of Forestry merged entities such as unions and processing forest products supply II; Naforimex; Supplies Company of Forestry Central Corporation manufactures and services imported forest products II . Wood Factory Cam Ha is the member of the Corporation.

May 12.1995 Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Corporations merged, the industrial unions and Forestry, the Forest Enterprise under the Ministry of Forestry Corporation of Vietnam and the factory is the member of the CorporationVietnam Forestry.

May 01, 2005, the State Enterprise and Vietnam Forestry Corporation Namco part of the enterprise by decision No.: 2717/QD/BNN-TCCB on 07.9.2004 and wood processing factory Shut Ha renamed Cam Ha joint stock company

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